2016 Spring Supper

2016 Halling Spring Supper


On the evening of Saturday 19 March in the Halling Community Centre, Halling Baptist Church hosted a Spring Supper which was attended by around 70 people, many of whom were visitors from the village.

The evening commenced with a quiz composed by the Associate Pastor and his wife (Keith and Pauline Barrett), three prizes being awarded to those who achieved the highest marks. Prizes were also presented to the children for their craft work. After the quiz, Pastor Kevin Felix-Hollington gave a Bible message, and this was followed by a fish-and-chip supper, which was enjoyed by all.

A box was available for folk to contribute towards new play equipment in the Lower Recreation Ground. The raising of funds to provide this play equipment is being organised by Maria Cook in association with Halling Parish Council. Halling Baptist Church is pleased to announce that £547.75 was raised by the Spring Supper, for which the church praises God and thanks all those who so generously contributed to the Lower Recreation Ground appeal.

The money raised at the Spring Supper was presented to Maria Cook at Halling Baptist Church’s evening service on Sunday 3 April.