Is God Past His Sell-By Date?

“Is God Past His Sell-By Date?” took place on Thursday 26th June 7:30pm. We were overwhelmed by the response we had and encouraged to see friends, neighbours and visitors join us that evening.

Sadly Dr. John Blanchard had to cancel his tour through the country due to having lost his voice. We were grateful, however, to our friend Pastor Barry King who agreed to take up the meeting and speak on the same topic.

barry kingPastor Barry King was born in rural Arkansas in the southern part of the United States. He is the former Pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Wood Green, London and he presently is the general secretary of the Grace Baptist Partnership. Though he has preached to hundreds of churches, travelled to upwards to 30 countries; trained men for ministry on every continent; and planted more than a dozen new congregations, his most important job (and greatest joy) is being a husband to Frances and a father to Regan, Ryan, Alister, Alison, and Abigail.



An Evening with John Blanchard

Where was God when the high school children died in the South Korean ferry? Where was God when the London bombings? Or on September 11th? Or at the tsunami? Where is God when things go wrong? Or does He even exist?

Philosophers, scientists, authors and other movers and shakers have hit the headlines with claims that God is non-existent, irrelevant or ‘past his sell-by date’”. “If God really exists how can he sit by through pain, suffering and injustice? Hasn’t science explained him away?”

“Is God Past His Sell-By Date?” is an event that will be held at the Baptist Chapel on Thursday, 26th of June 7:30pm. It will be an opportunity for you to listen to Dr. Blanchard speak on the issue and ask questions.

You don’t have to be religious or even make any commitment to us. This event is for those who think that God doesn’t exist or who are in some way sceptical about the whole issue. Maybe you may never have had a serious interest in religion or, on the other hand, you may have had a religious upbringing, but have long since rejected all you once were taught to believe. You may feel that life may be going so well that you fail to see why believing in God would improve things, or maybe, you may be going through a very difficult time or experienced a traumatic event that you’ve given up the idea of God and become cynical when people talk about a loving God.

After the presentation by Dr. Blanchard there will be a question time in where you can ask just about anything. Every one in attendance will receive a copy of Dr. Blanchard’s book by the same title.

Due to limited space, register now to avoid disappointment. Everyone will receive a copy of the book by the same title.

JohnblanchardDr John Blanchard entered full-time Christian ministry after thirteen years in Guernsey Civil Services, and is now an internationally known author, teacher and conference speaker. Nearly fifteen million copies of his publications are in print in some forty languages.