The Story of Life: Accident or Design?


Doesn’t modern science disprove the existence of a Creator? Hasn’t it been established that we are the product of a random evolutionary process rather than made by God? Is there even any evidence for God? What difference does this make to our lives? “The Story of Life: Accident or Design?” is an event brought to you by Halling Baptist Church to be held at Halling Community Centre in which Dr Steve Lloyd will give the answers to questions like these and more. The event is free of charge.

Stephen-Lloyd-2013-copy-195x300Dr Steve Lloyd (MA, PhD) studied materials science at the University of Cambridge and became a Royal Society University Research Fellow. Steve also has a Diploma in Theology and Religious Studies from the University of Cambridge. He contributed to the book Debating Darwin published by Paternoster in 2009.


When: Saturday 22 October, 7 PM

Where: At Halling Community Centre, Halling High Street, ME2 1BS