What we’re all about

Halling Baptist People

We are a group of people of all ages that believe that GOD, who is the creator or everything, spoke to mankind revealing HIMSELF to us by His inspired Word: The Bible. By this doing, he has shown mercy (because we all have sinned against Him) and an amazing love (because He sent Jesus to rescue us), yet remaining Just and Holy because even though we deserve His righteous punishment, He has made it possible to have Eternal life only through JESUS CHRIST who died for us taking the punishment of the sins of all who repent and trust in Him.

This good news we believe, it’s called the Gospel, but this great news doesn’t stop there, we believe that God gives His HOLY SPIRIT to all Christians and enables us to walk and live for him also. This is how we can Glorify and enjoy Him forever.

Everyone is welcome to explore the christian faith in our company.