From July 2021 we’ll be uploading our weekly sermons; they’ll be available to listen shortly after every morning meeting. You can listen online or on your preferred podcast apps.

Spiritual Humpty Dumpty—Luke 9:23—Pastor Bruce Massop Halling Sermons

What does it mean to follow Christ? What is the cost of discipleship? Pastor Bruce Massop challenges us from Luke 9:23 with this sermon entitled Spiritual Humpty Dumpty.
  1. Spiritual Humpty Dumpty—Luke 9:23—Pastor Bruce Massop
  2. Do not be afraid—Matthew 14:22-33–K. Felix Hollington
  3. The Prototype and Principles of Mission — Luke 9:1-10 — John-William Noble
  4. What a friend we have in Jesus — Luke 7:31-35 — Clive Langston
  5. Maturing faith — Genesis 16 — Kevin Felix Hollington
  6. Faith that justifies — Genesis 15 — Kevin Felix Hollington
  7. Guard Your Heart – Exodus 20:17 – Artur Piotrowski
  8. Salvation is of the Lord, Acts 2:47 – Charlotte's Baptism Service
  9. Safe in Christ, 2 Thessalonians 1, Kevin Felix Hollington
  10. Speaking The Truth, Exodus 20:16 by Artur Piotrowski