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Maturing faith — Genesis 16 — Kevin Felix Hollington Halling Sermons

Are you maturing in your faith? What are the marks or spiritual maturity? Today, from Genesis 16, we'll see some examples of spiritual immaturity and the things we should avoid; and we'll also see an example of growth in maturity we should all imitate. A mature faith waits on the Lord for his blessings despite the circumstances.
  1. Maturing faith — Genesis 16 — Kevin Felix Hollington
  2. Faith that justifies — Genesis 15 — Kevin Felix Hollington
  3. Guard Your Heart – Exodus 20:17 – Artur Piotrowski
  4. Salvation is of the Lord, Acts 2:47 – Charlotte's Baptism Service
  5. Safe in Christ, 2 Thessalonians 1, Kevin Felix Hollington
  6. Speaking The Truth, Exodus 20:16 by Artur Piotrowski
  7. Be Comforted – Isaiah 40:1-2 – Pastor Chola Mukanga
  8. Blessed be God for his blessings in Christ — Ephesians 1:1-14 — Pastor Daniel Shwe
  9. Blessed through trials — James 1:12-27 — Pastor Kevin Felix Hollington
  10. Return to your first love — James 4:1-12 — Pastor Kevin Felix Hollington